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Black Gold Online: Campaign of Ashes is Now Live

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Black Gold Online

In the early hours this morning, September 3rd, the latest content update to the uniquely stylized cross-genre MMORPG Black Gold Online officially launched. This major content drop, labeled the Campaign of Ashes, builds on the core action and game play of Black Gold Online, opening new opportunities for intense PvP combat and challenging Role Playing adventure.

  • Frontiers Beckon – explore new high level maps and PvP zones with the Ashen Copse
  • Hidden Powers are Revealed – customize your hero and unleash your potential with the new Skill Surge system
  • Advanced Weaponry – the journey continues with a new max level of 45 and high-level gear hitting the front
  • Forces Rally – The battle for Montel heats up with new PvP maps and brand new Battle Carriers!
  • Boundaries are Broken – become the champion of multiple worlds with cross-server PvP
  • Dark Horrors Linger – face the growing darkness with new Instances, Dungeons, and World Bosses
  • Bright Days Dawn – enjoy a better game experience with greatly more polished and optimized edition of Black Gold Online

Find out more about all the exciting new features coming in the Campaign of Ashes by visiting the Official Page.

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