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Black Desert on PS4 Heralds Arrival of Desert Dragon Nouver

Black Desert PS4 Nouver

The Desert’s Wrath, Nouver is on its way to Black Desert on PS4, arriving in a horrific sandstorm. This ferocious dragon is ready to fight, for anyone foolish enough to take up this challenge. Pearl Abyss is making the first week of Nouver encounters a bit easier, and lifting all Desert sicknesses, from October 8th until October 23rd. This means Hypothermia and Heat Stroke will be removed from the desert. A new reward was also added Awakened Boss Scroll pieces.

These were added for completing Daily and Weekly boss scrolls. Combining different amounts of Awakened Boss Scroll pieces can create a variety of Awakened Bosses. These bosses are more powerful and drop better items. If that weren’t enough, players might find boss armor after defeating¬† Awakened Bheg, Red Nose, Giath, Dim Tree Spirit and Muskan. Boss accessories like Witches Earrings can drop from Hexe Marie and Ancient Weapon Core from Moghulis.

Awakened Boss Scroll Info:

  • Five Awakened Boss Scroll pieces – Create a daily boss (Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Moghulis, etc.)

  • Three Awakened Boss Scroll pieces – Create a weekly boss (Hexe Marie, Dim Tree Spirit, Muskan, etc.)

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