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Black Desert Online Revamps Clothing Set Bonus System

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Previously, the outfit system for Black Desert Online was limited to full sets only. Now players will have unlimited freedom to mix and match outfits and further customize their characters without losing out on those stat benefits that they so desperately want. Additional benefits can be obtained by equipping four or more outfits in one of the eight possible outfit slots. Bonuses that can be derived this way are for instance: Combat EXP +10%, Skill EXP +10%, Death Penalty -10%, and Durability Reduction Resistance +10%. This applies to most outfits except functional costumes and crafted costumes, which come with their own buffs.  General’s Accessories are also being added, where players will have the ability to choose amongst the unique accessories such as a belt, ring, or earrings, which can be enhanced up to the maximum upgrade level (PEN). Players will also have a 100% chance to successfully upgrade these, which will have high efficiency against monsters. More information can be found below.

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