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Black Desert Online Announces New Board Game

Black Desert Board Game

Black Desert Online announced a new board game, based on the highly-successful IP. Black Desert the Board Game is a roleplaying board game where players explore a vast open world filled with monsters, treasure, and world bosses. To celebrate, Pearl Abyss has developed a special retro-inspired version of Black Desert to promote the board game. Everyone who registers for a 7-day trial account or anyone who already has a Black Desert Online account can download Black Desert Classic for free. Steam and Xbox One players will automatically receive the game via email.

This 8-bit handheld version of Black Desert will work with most emulators and will even work natively on most handheld consoles by uploading the file to a so called flash card. Those who are able to complete the retro challenge will be rewarded with a special code that will be displayed on the splash screen of Black Desert Classic after completion. The first 100 players who redeem the code from their account page will receive the board game for free, including a limited edition Black Spirit token.

About Black Desert the Board Game:

Black Desert the Board Game features world-class miniatures that are faithful to its rich universe and aims to deliver an experience that captures the very essence of Black Desert Online. The playing board is decorated with a highly detailed and faithful representation of the Black Desert world. It consists of 4 fold-out gaming boards, which in turn are made of extra-thick, hard-wearing cardboard. These sit next to each other on a table to form a 113x168cm map for your adventures.

The game supports between 3-5 players and each player starts in one of the world’s territories (Balanos, Mediah, Calpheon, Valencia and Serendia) depending on a dice roll. After choosing one of Black Desert’s 17 available classes they will have to face-off against horrendous monsters such as for instance the Grass beetles in Balanos and the Catfishmen in Calpheon.

During play, players need to both fight and help each other to overcome certain challenges and quests, which provides very deep and engaging gameplay that will have players at the tip of their toes at all times. Victory and loss, friendship and deceit are always one dice throw away as players venture towards Shrine of Corruption where Kzarka, the final boss is lurking.

The Core Game contains:

3 Boss Models

9 Mini-Boss Models

17 character Classes cards

7 Double-Sided Game Tiles

2 Double-Sided Mini-Boss/Boss Tiles

4 Player Character Boards

3 Boss Dials for Tracking Damage

60 item Cards

40 Treasure Cards

26 Boss AI Cards

36 Encounter / event Cards

15 Coloured Dice

Like the MMORPG, Pearl Abyss plans to fully support the board game with a weekly update schedule and larger content drops such as new expansions, bosses, game modes and classes. Maintenance times will coincide with the online version of Black Desert.

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