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Biggest Marvel Heroes Event To Date: The Big Ten Week

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Big 10 Week

Gazillion is celebrating the 10 months since the launch of Marvel Heroes with its biggest event yet, the Big Ten Week.

A free Marvel Hero code is available for all! Just enter RNDMHRO in your profile (redemption instructions here) for a free random Marvel Hero this weekend only.

The Big Ten Week includes the following events:

1. Don’t Fear the Reaper – The popular bonus loot challenge rotation is back! All this week major bosses in different areas of the game will drop significantly better loot.

2. Luck of the Draw – Hero & Costume BOGO. Buy any Hero or costume in game and get a random one free.

3. Easter Egg Hunt, Easterhunter’s Gift & Easter Basket – Daily Gifts including a special basket on Saturday. Collect eggs dropped all throughout the game and turn them in for incredible rewards.

4. More Cowbell Saturday – Login Saturday to receive the awesome Cosmic Cow King Crate.

5. Winter Holidays – A Holiday Daily Gift will be granted each day containing a chance at Eternity Splinters, Odin Marks, or Shards.

6. Fortune Favors You – Free Fortune Card each day + 20% OFF all boxes of Fortune Cards!

7. St. Patrick’s Day – Pot of Gold Legendary Recipe & Legendary Rainbow Gifts

8. Australia Day – Pyro Buffed & Holiday Drops

9. Valentine’s Day – Cupid’s Arrows & Holiday Drops

10. Lunar New Year – Red Envelope Daily Gift & Holiday Drops

Additionally, Gazillion is turning on 50% bonus to XP, SiF & RiF as well as bringing back Cosmic Penta-Boost back to the store for a limited time. They have also added the new Team-Up Advance pack with EIGHT Team-Up Heroes including Beta Ray Bill, Deadpool-the-Kid, Spider-Woman, Havok, She-Hulk, Domino and Clea at over 50% off the regular price. Pack details and purchase are available here.

Players who pre-order will get the following limited-time bonuses:

– FREE Deadpool-the-Kid ENHANCED Playable Hero costume with Early Access

– FREE Team-Up Hero “Arachne” in her black costume with Early Access

– FREE 5-pack of Team-Up Gear Find boosts

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