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Berserker Renewal Announced For C9

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Webzen has announced the finalization of Continent of the Ninth Seal’s (C9) Berserker update.

The update, set to launch on August 1st, will re-release the Berserker with changes made from beta feedback. The Berserker, which is the fighter’s fourth advancement class, will gain three new skills and Berserker mode, which increases attack speed and offers the warrior life-stealing abilities.

C9 will also launch limited edition gear for the Berserker, plus events giving away items to players who reach level 50 with the Berserker class.

Webzen also publishes Archlord and Mu Online.

C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal – Berserker Renewal


Second ‘C9’ class update releases the renewed ‘Berserker’

WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM), the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, announced the second class update after official launch of the action RPG ‘C9’ (Continent of the Ninth Seal).

On August 1st, the renewed class, ‘Berserker’ will be released in C9’s second official update. The ‘Berserker’ is the 4th fighter advancement class that uses a two-handed broadsword allowing them to deal comparatively a bit slower attack but massive damage compared to other classes. The renewal includes 3 new deadly skills with improved visual effects, where the most significant feature is ‘Berserker mode’ that activates increased attack speed and life-stealing from enemies upon successful hits.

Along with the update, C9 event will be running concurrently which will give attractive prizes to players who reach level 50 with the renewed Berserker class. Also, limited edition gear for ‘Berserker’ can only be purchased during this promotion period. There will also be many other upcoming events subsequently.

Meanwhile, the top 4 teams have been determined to compete in the semi-finals for the C9 Europe Championship which will be held at “Gamescom 2012” Germany on August 18th. The winning team of the Europe tournament will win $10,000 in cash, and qualify for ‘C9 World Championship’ later held in November. There the winning teams that represent Europe, the Americas, and Asia will all compete to become the World Champion.

Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “We would like to ask for extended interest on the highly anticipated and renewed Berserker class.” He also said, “We hope C9 players around the world will show more anticipation and interest towards the tournament held in Gamescom 2012 to find out which team will become the C9 Europe Champion.”

More information about the Action RPG ‘C9’ can be found at the official Facebook community ( and website (

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