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Battleswarm to shut down

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Reality Gap, publisher of Battleswarm and Monato Esprit, has announced that it has sold its titles to another company. While Monato Esprit will be republished with new revisions and content, Battleswarm was not part of the sale and will shut down this Saturday, July 16.

MetaTIX, the game’s virtual currency, will not be refunded to any player.

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Dear Battleswarmers,

We all hoped things would get better again, and we all tried our very best to get Battleswarm back up with tons of players and new features etc. But after a long struggle Reality Gap is in the process of a sale to a new company who specializes in children’s games. Battleswarm is not part of that sale, so we will have to shut down the game. The servers will be up and running until July the 16th 2011.

Reality Gap’s Monato Esprit and several other titles will most likely be re-launched by this company totally revamped and lots of content added. There will be more support in-game and via the helpdesk, and it will be a good but new fresh start!

Having said that, the purchasing of MetaTIX will be frozen, for now please don’t purchase anymore MetaTIX unless you plan to use them all within the next 15 days. There can be no refunds of any kind, so enjoy spending/sharing or giving away your last MetaTIX!

It has been a very wild ride with many ups and downs and we want to thank every single one of you for your endless support, your input and all the fun times we’ve had the past years! Not the best news in the world to give you.. but try to enjoy the last few weeks of Battleswarm!

Thank you! <3

Reality Gap, Inc.

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