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Battlestar Galactica to become a F2P web game

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A report from the LA Times today asserts that the hit show Battlestar Galactica will soon be finding its way into the online gaming world. What’s more, the game (to be announced at GDC) will be browser-based and free-to-play. We should expect to see the game in August or September, this year.

“We’re picking a point in the chronology of the series that fans are very familiar with to tell new stories,” explained Bill Kispert, vice president of digital platforms for the partnerships and licensing department of Universal Pictures, which owns the “Battlestar Galactica” rights and made the game deal. “There will be space combat as well as missions and exploration.”

Unlike traditional online multi-player games such as World of Warcraft that ship on discs and cost $50 to buy plus $15 per month, Battlestar Galactica is part of a new wave of games playable entirely in a Web browser for free.

You can read the full LA Times article here.

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