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Battlerite Royale Dev Update Discusses Details About the Game

Battlerite_Royale_Screenshot - image

Stunlock Studios’ latest Dev Update brings new screenshots of Battlerite Royale as well as more information about the MOBA/Brawler/Battle Royale mashup. It’s coming to steam this summer (2018) and this dev update addresses some of the most frequently asked questions in the Battlerite community right now. For example, in the current build, players drop onto the island with their M1 and Ultimate abilities and must scavenge for the rest of their toolkit as the match progresses. Equipment will also be found in the world and consumable items. Equipment increases certain stats, movement speed, et cetera, and are static and unable to be upgraded. They will, however, offer different tiers of power. The link below will have all of this blog post containing details about Battlerite Royale.

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