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Battleline Steel Warfare Enters Closed Beta

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BANDAI NAMCO Games America today announces the first beta for their upcoming free-to-play title, BATTLELINE: STEEL WARFARE for PC. The game has built a popular following in Korea since 2012 under the title Blitz 2: Battle Line, BATTLELINE: STEEL WARFARE now brings its strategic and tactical elements of tank warfare to users in North America and Europe. In the first beta players will have a first look at the diverse range of classic and modern tanks, and experience real-time strategy (RTS) combat as they advance the battleline and take down enemy tanks.

BATTLELINE: STEEL WARFARE brings a fresh twist to tank strategy gaming, combining a wide collection of tanks from every era with adrenaline fueled action to deliver an unparalleled gameplay experience. Players have the ability to command multiple tanks and build guild alliances, using the strength of their own tanks as well as those of their allies to maneuver throughout the battlefield and conquer nations. BATTLELINE: STEEL WARFARE is packed with unique game features for an immersive RTS and tank shooter experience, and is outfitted to be one of the most engaging tank games players will experience this year.
A Twitch livestream will take place on Thursday 11/13 starting 6:00PM. Please go to to watch all the tank warfare live!

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