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Battle of the Immortals Soul Gear System Preview

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The folks over at Perfect World Co just released screenshots of the Soul Gear system in their upcoming MMORPG Battle of the Immortals. Personally, I think the armor looks a lot like the ‘epic’ armor sets in World of Warcraft, at least artistically. See for yourself below:


This Berzerker set is themed with iron dragons.  The dragons on each shoulder occasionally open and breathe fire, while the rest of the set glows with an eerie red.


This Champion set has an electric theme too it.  The shoulders and sword actually have turbines on them that turn and rotate.  The sword also is capable of opening up, revealing it’s electric core.  Pretty snazy I must say.


This Heretic set has a holy paladin look and feel to it.  The shield opens up, as do the shoulders.  What’s really cool about this set is that the staff extends itself via an unknown holy energy.


This Magus set has a frosty feel to it.  The shoulders are set low, but occasionally rise up with swirls of cold wind.  The visor drops down in order to give you a more menacing look.


This Slayer set is one of my personal favorites.  The entire set is surrounded by floating chains that rotate and turn around the player’s body.  The gigantic daggers flip out like huge switchblades, while the gears at the top of the hilt turn.

These are only a few sets of armor and weapons from the arsenal of BoI.  There’s plenty more where this came from folks.

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