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Battle of the Immortals – Mounts and Pets System Previewed

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Pets and Mounts Preview

Perfect World Co – the people behind Battle of the Immortals, just released information about their pet and mount system for their upcoming game. The mount system in Battle of the Immortals is really quite unique.  In a lot of current MMORPGs, players can upgrade their mount in order to increase its speed.  In BoI, upgrading your mount not only increases its speed, but changes the way it looks as well as allowing your mount to learn skills!

Check out the Magi riding the mount below to get a better idea of what we mean.

Stages 1 and 2 Mounts

Not only does this mount gain a more aggressive look from upgrading, but it also gains the ability to blink as well as sprint.  Let’s not forget that its base speed increases each time you upgrade it!

Stages 3 and 4

Mounts aren’t the only form of companion you’ll be able to bring along with you during your journeys in BoI.  Combat Pets are a key component of BoI.

A mean pet, and a mimic MMORPG

As you fight the denizens of the world, every now and then you’ll have the opportunity to tame a monster that you kill.  This means that almost any monster you encounter in BoI can be a potential pet.

Turtle pet MMORPG

As your pet levels up you’ll be able to distribute their attribute points any way you choose, allowing you to customize the evolution of your pet.  In addition to that, you’ll be able to slot skills into your pet as you see fit.  Want to make your pet more PvP oriented?  Then slot your pet with a movement debuff and snare your enemies.  Want to make orient your pet towards PvE?  Then slot your pet with an ability that will block the next four attacks.

The mount and pet systems of BoI are incredibly complex, and allow you to fully customize your gaming experience. The pet system in Battle of the Immortals isn’t nearly as varied as the system in Dragon Oath, but it’s still interesting.

The Battle of the Immortals Closed Beta is only a week away!  Make sure you to get your Beta Key for Battle of the Immortals over at our Giveaways section

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