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Battle of the Immortals announced closed beta

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Battle of the Immortals will begin its first closed beta phase on Wednesday, February 10th. Players will take the role of relic hunters, searching for ancient ruins of this world while fighting each other for the right to succeed. With animated, changing armor, intense combat, and great graphics, Battle of the Immortals looks to be a promising new release from Perfect World Entertainment (who also produces Ether Saga Online, Jade Dynasty, and Perfect World, as well as Kung Foo! which is currently in closed beta.)

The Original Press Release:


January 26, 2010 – Redwood City, Calif. – Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today announced that Perfect World’s highly successful MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals, will be making its way to North America. Battle of the Immortals is a 2.5D multiplayer game that incorporates eastern and western cultures ranging from Norse Mythology to the Qin Dynasty. Closed beta for Battle of the Immortals will start on Wednesday, February 10.

Taking up the mantle of relic hunters, players can expect to travel throughout the world from the ancient tombs of past emperors in the East to the mythical Mount Olympus in the West. They will also be able to explore the Great Pyramids, uncover the mystery behind the Lost City of Atlantis and delve into lost temples deep within the Mayan jungle. Players will engage in epic battles against other players for the right to battle monsters, control cities & rule supreme.

“We’re very excited to be announcing Battle of the Immortals as part of our latest game offerings,” said Jonathan Belliss, Product Manager for Battle of the Immortals. “Dedicated players can expect high rewards, especially with the robust PvP system and unique Soul Gear system that allows players to equip living outfits that will transform and change as they use them.”

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