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AxE: Alliance vs Empire Launches Moonstone System

AxE Moonstone Update

A massive update hit Nexon’s AxE: Alliance vs Empire today, featuring one of the largest content drops yet. A brand-new system hits the game, the “Moonstone System”, which lets players obtain Moonstones. These drop from the Area 4 “Ahi Pazo Spirit Forest”, to the Area 11 “Adventus”, from defeating monsters. There are four tiers of Moonstones, and each have their own power level and rarity. This is another great way to increase the power of your character.

The Seeker Book Mission Log will give all players a Seeker Book, filled with challenges. Completed Missions will give players special rewards. Several Artifacts also received a power-up, gaining a level cap increase for every Gem in the ‘deisha’s Sacrifice, Aegis of Samrave, Tyr’s Renewal and Shedim’s Favor Artifacts. Nexon also added a new set of wings, the powerful Mechanica Wings. They have a maximum level of 60, and a Passive Skill that grants two-second invincibility when HP drops below 15% (100s CD). New costumes are also available, and the “Deep Sea Event” is the latest Seasonal Event to come to the game.

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