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Avatar and Panda Monk Appear in Dragon’s Call II

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After 1.9 version of Dragon’s Call II was updated, the operation team gets good feedback from its players and now they add Super Golden Pets, especially Avatar and Panda Monk into game. The cool pets are not only conspicuous but also providing fat attribute bonus. After the pet is equipped, everything is going smoothly and easy, even the formidable Heroic Instance, Dragon Lair and so on. The quality of pet is Green < Blue < Purple < Golden; but he high quality pets are not very easy to obtain.

The Purple Pet – Avatar

Avatar is always a symbol of courage and perseverance, the alien king who never succumb to fate. The only way to obtain the pet Avatar in game is collecting the “Avatar Debris” from World Boss Event. There are totally 3 debris in each time of World Boss, the player who gets No.1 damage will have 70% chance to gain debris, and the second damage will gain 60% chance. In addition, the system will choose a lucky player from all the participants of World Boss then reward the debris. Players need to collect 3 debris to combine one Avatar Pet.

The Golden Pet – Panda Monk

Everyone is impressed by the charmingly naive Pork who with extraordinary skill in the movie Kung-Fu Panda, So the new golden pet “Panda Monk” are developed with the reference to the image of Kung-Fu Panda. Guess you feel quite safe if you followed by such a cute and strong pet? The Panda Monk is the only Golden pet in DCII and very hard to obtain. The champion of each Championship will gain one “Panda Monk Debris”, and two debris combine a Panda Monk pet.

The Necessary For Pet Advancement

The first advancement of pet will be released when the level of pet reached lv30, players need to collect three kinds of spirit to advance the pet. The three kinds of spirit are: Spirit of Water, Spirit of Fire and Spirit of Life. A large amount of action points will be wasted on these materials by speeding instance.

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