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Attack on Titan: Assault Is Live on Google Play

Attack on Titan Assault

Attack on Titan: Assault is the latest game now live from GameSamba, officially on Google Play’s store. It will be available on the Apple iOS store soon. Attack on Titan: Assault lets players do battle with titans on their mobile devices. Combining RPG and runner features to replicate the fast-action of the anime on a mobile platform. But it is not mindless, players will need to plan and have quick reactions in order to survive.  There will also be deeper, persistent elements to the game, including multiplayer features.

Earlier this year GameSamba opened pre-registration for “Attack on Titan: Assault” on GooglePlay which led to a high volume of registrations. “We are very excited to bring this world-wide hit anime title directly to the hands of the fans through a mobile game,” said Jacky Yung, CEO of GameSamba. “We are dedicated to bringing fans and players together in Attack on Titan: Assault and allowing them to be part of the action!”

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