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Atlantica Online preparing Spelltower Scrimmage

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The official launch for Spelltower Control, a special new feature in Atlantica Online, is set for October.

Players above level 100 will be able to join Titan and participate in the scrimmages for a chance to earn victory for their server and earn special boosts: a 25% experience boost, a 10% attack power boost, and a 5% defensive boost, along with Oriharukon. Players can attack or defend the Spelltower, and the player whose contribution is the greatest during the battle will gain control for a week.

Atlantica Online is published by Nexon, which also publishes Vindictus and Combat Arms.

Atlantica Online Spelltower Siege Screenshots:


The Spelltower Scrimmage Begins in October

Nexon’s Atlantica Online to add Spelltower Scrimmage game mode

Atlantica Online, Nexon’s strategic turn-based massively multiplayer online role playing game, has conducted two rounds of beta tests for the anticipated Spelltower Control. Officially launching in October, all players level 100 and above will be able to jump into Titan and participate in the scrimmages for a chance to control the Spelltower for a week and reap tremendous rewards.

As part of the update, Spelltower Scrimmage offers players the opportunity to either attack or defend the Spelltower for control. Upon taking control of the Spelltower, the player whose contribution was greatest will gain control of the Spelltower for an entire week for their server. All players in the victorious server will reap hefty rewards.

Victorious parties will receive an increase in EXP by 25 percent, an increase in attack power by 10 percent and an increase in defensive bluff by five percent. All these bluffs will last for an entire week, until the next Spelltower Control begins and players can once vie for control. In addition, players from the winning server will receive Oriharukon for being victorious. Additional player participation will dictate the amount of Oriharukon they receive.

For more information about the Spelltower Scrimmage update and to participate in the launch, visit:

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