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Atlantica Online prepares for Atlantica Day

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January 29 is Atlantica Day in Atlantica Online, and this Sunday, players will have 24 hours worth of events to partake in.

On January 29, players will enjoy a 200% bonus to workload, experience, and crafting experience, plus 300% bonus experience while resting and from diary rewards.

Several League battles will take place throughout the day, and players who win at least one will be entered for a chance to win an Atlantica Day Jackpot Box. These boxes will also be given out to one player on each server every two hours, and auctioned off by the staff. They may contain Blessing License (30 or 365 day), Warrior’s Pack (30 or 365 day), +10 Lucky Weapon Box, Infernal Spirit Gems, or Henry Ford Venture’s 2x rate boxes.

Players who stay logged in for at least one hour and up to four can earn up to ten Atlantica Day coupons, which can be exchanged for weapons in Rome.

Atlantica Online is published by Nexon, which also publishes Combat Arms and Vindictus.

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Celebrate Atlantica Day!

Sunday, January 29th is Atlantica Day!

Atlantica day is returning and now it’s better than ever! On top of all the awesome perks of Atlantica Day, you’ll get to take advantage of more auction times and more bonus experience! Let’s gather and rejoice being Atlantians! Join us on January 29th, 2012 for 24 hours of events and excitement!

Atlantica Day Bonus EXP!

24 hours of 200% Bonus to workload plus 200% Bonus EXP and crafting EXP! It’s even better now, Atlantians will also enjoy 300% bonus to EXP while resting and from diary rewards!

Competition Jackpot Raffle!

Players who win at least one regularly scheduled Free League or Colosseum League match will be entered into an Atlantica Day Jackpot Box raffle. One user will be randomly selected from eligible users after each competition ends and will be rewarded with an Atlantica Day Jackpot Box!

Competition Schedule:

00:00 – Free League

03:00 – Colosseum

06:00 – Free League

09:00 – Free League

11:00 – Colosseum

12:00 – Free League

15:00 – Free League

18:00 – Colosseum

21:00 – Free League

Jackpot Giveaway!

Every two hours starting at the beginning of Atlantica Day, 1 lucky player on each server will win an Atlantica Day Jackpot Box! Here are some of the goodies you may have a chance to obtain:

Atlantica Day Jackpot Box:

Blessing License (30 Days/No Trade)

Blessing License (365 Days/No Trade)

Warrior’s Pack (30 Days)

Warrior’s Pack (365 Days)

+10 Lucky Weapon Box

Henry Ford’s Venture 2x rate box!

Infernal Spirit Gem

Insane Auctions!

Throughout the day, we will be auctioning off an Atlantica Day Jackpot Box. The bidding will start at one million gold. Simply outbid your fellow Atlantians to win!

Auction Schedule:

00:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

03:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

06:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

09:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

12:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

15:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

18:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

20:00 – 1x Atlantica Day Jackpot Box

Atlantacong’s Weapon Trade In!

Collect Atlantica Day coupons by staying logged in for 4 hours (earn up to 10 coupons) and trade them in for Awesome Weapons! Check in with Atlantacong Senior and Atlantacong Junior in Rome to see their armaments!

Ways to earn Atlantica Day Coupons:

Stay logged in for 1 hour and receive 1 coupon

Stay logged in for 2 hours and receive 2 coupons

Stay logged in for 3 hours and receive 3 coupons

Stay logged in for 4 hours and receive 4 coupons

Get ready for Atlantica Day! Get some NX today!

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*Event-tagged items will be removed in the future.

*Atlantica Day Coupons will not be deleted.

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