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Atlantica Online Begins Freedom Park Event

Atlantica Online - Freedom Park Event - image

From now until August 2nd, the Freedom Park event is live in Atlantica Online! Monsters have swarmed Freedom Park and it’s up to you to bring freedom back to Freedom Park! You must show those monsters what it means to be independent, and level 80+ characters can take part in this Event. In order to enter, you must have a Freedom Park Ticket, and during the event period, you gain a ticket for an hour of in-game time daily. To get more tickets, you can exchange flyers with Merchant Acong. Monsters within the park have a chance to drop Freedom Flyers, and to easily get more Flyers, help Luna with her requests to defeat the Freedom Park monsters (daily). Merchant Acong is inside Rome, and is who you seek out to trade the Flyers in to. There are also Liberty Cubes, which have their own unique key items, and are obtained in the Item Mall. Don’t miss out on exclusive rewards in this event, such as items, mounts, and most important of all, Mercenaries!

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