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Astro Empires Celebrates 7 Years

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The first Astro Empires server was released 7 years ago, the game was developed to be a persistent game universe which would continue indefinitely allowing the players to mature new and exciting tactics as they grew and learned. Seven years later the original Alpha server is still open with thousands of players, many who signed up in those first few months.

The project that starts by being a solo project by a single programmer has since those early beginnings grown from a one man operation to a team, including programmers, designers and customer support staff.

Some statistics of the Astro Empires at it’s seventh anniversary: 950 galaxies, 1.600.000+ registered accounts and 4.100.000+ bases built since beginning.

Astro Empires will release a new server on May 25, the Omega server. The launch of a new server gives everyone the opportunity to contest the top places, while making new allies and friends.

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