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Archlord introduces DragonScion race

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Archlord is introducing a new race soon, the descendants of the great dragon Mightthesis: the DragonScion. The race will offer four new classes – Scion, Slayer, Summoner, or Orbiter.

At the beginning of December, Webzen will hold a promotion to give away beta keys for players who would like to try the new race early. Beta key holders will also get a full set of trial armor and advanced items, and will not lose their characters after the trial period.

Webzen also publishes Soul of the Ultimate Nation and Mu Online.

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WEBZEN Inc. announced today the update of the new race “DragonScion” known as the children of the great dragon Mightthesis for Archlord.

The update of this hybrid type new race DragonScion will bring 4 new classes to the game. Starting from a class “Scion”, when reaching level 20, players will face the challenging decision of which advanced class to pursue and master. By the evolution system players can choose among four classes “Scion”, ‘Slayer’, ‘Summoner’, or ‘Orbiter’.

With the upcoming update of the new race DragonScion, WEBZEN will hold DragonScion Beta Key Joint Promotion which will start on beginning of December.

During the beta key promotion period, the beta key holders will not only able to unlock the DragonScion, but will also be given one of the strongest Chaotic Frontier full set of trial armor and more advanced items which will ease the game play. Most importantly, the DragonScion character database will be retained even after the beta trial period.

Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN Inc. said “The update of the new race DragonScion will provide more excitement and diversity into the fierce battle of the Chantra world. Also the strained relation among the existing 3 races will become more complicated.” He added, “This new race is already very popular in China, Japan, and East Asia, and we are sure it will be also be an epic experience for our Global server players.”

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