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ArcheAge – Relics of Hiram: The Story of Hiram Continues

ArcheAge Fall of Hiram Update

Fans of ArcheAge can now delve deeper into the long-forgotten past of the Hiram, with this new update to the MMORPG. Update 5.3 of ArcheAge brings a new dungeon instance to the game, “The Fall of Hiram City”. Players will be tasked with rescuing villagers, and the more that are saved, the better your rewards are. This includes Hiram Infusion, Honor Points, or Vocation Badges.

In addition, Erenor’s festival of strength is here, and players will be doing battle with powerful bosses around the world. Victors will be rewarded with Noryette Accessories, so it’s worth seeking out. For an even better game experience, the UI has received an overhaul. Foods and potions now are easier to obtain and create. Motivated fishers can be excited about improved Sport Fishing features, and new Skills have been added for Malediction, Archery, Sorcery, Vitalism, and Battlerage.

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