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ArcheAge Promising More Service Capacity & Faster Service

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Trion Launch Update 2

Trion Worlds has posted an update to its blog today, promising a few quality of life changes for players of its new hit MMORPG, ArcheAge.

Three new North American servers – Ezi, Lucius, and Calleil – have made their way into service to help reduce queue times, along with patron changes. Europe is still waiting on new hardware to be installed to add additional servers in that region. Trion has also begun using daily restarts to flush AFK players, using manual sweeps, banning bot/fraud accounts, and working on a fix to prevent players from holding a spot on the server indefinitely.

Patrons have received bonus time so that their time has begun only ticking as of Sunday, to help compensate for the heavy queues.

Founders can also obtain a second set of Founder’s items to try out a new server or put on an existing character on the account page at This offer is only good once.

Trion has also been working on improving customer service queue times, battling DDOS attacks, and working closely with their ISPs to protect players.

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