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April 14th update for Faunasphere

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A new update for Faunasphere launched Wednesday, April 14th.

The update adds new party items, available for both Lux and Bux. New tails and patterns have also been added to the species gene pool.

Finally, players will get a bonus on Fauna leveling for a limited time in the Spring Fest event.

Faunasphere is a casual-friendly MMO and virtual world produced by Big Fish Games.

Update Notes:

  • Introducing Spring Fest! For a limited time only, and in celebration of the arrival of spring to Faunasphere, your Fauna will level up much quicker than previously.  Get ready to hatch those eggs!
  • It seems the Fauna are changing again! A variety of new patterns and tails are now available. You can either discover these through hatching or purchase the Gene Food available in the Frozen Village.
  • Nibbler Gene Food and Nibbler Signs are now available for purchase!
  • There are now additional Lux and Bux items in the Party Store found in the Watering Hole.
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