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APB Reloaded sets open beta date

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The open beta date for APB Reloaded (All Points Bulletin) has been announced as May 18.

GamersFirst has also noted that most players who have submitted their email to the Newsletter signup for APB will get access in the next two weeks to APB’s closed beta, letting them stress their servers early. The open beta will offer unrestricted access, and begin implementing new features like the skill rating system and spawning improvements.

GamersFirst also publishes Knight Online and War Rock.

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Open Beta Date has been set

We have set our formal Open Beta date: May 18, 2011.

With the builds over the last week fixing most critical issues (still some PB optimization and hardware issues to iron out over the next couple of builds), plus the items currently in the pipeline that addresses additional items, and the near completion of the US-East datacenter, we are now heading forward with removing all restrictions to joining the game on May 18, 2011.

However, between now and the Open Beta date (ie for the next two weeks), we will progressively permit access to MOST PEOPLE (17 or older in the US and 18 or older in the rest of the world) who do two things (1) creates (or already has) a GamersFirst Account with the appropriate info (see the link to the right of the blog) and then (2) submits his/her email (matching the G1 account) at the front of the APB page ( in the “Newsletter Signup Email form.” This will let us slowly turn up “the heat” on our servers before going fully “open.”

To that end, tomorrow during maintenance we will let in another batch of about 40,000 people or so.

There are still a few important features that are not yet in the game (new skill rating system probably the most critical and skill-based district segmentation and progression), and various tweaks to spawning but those will be added as we move along, and likely some of the new ones will be there before Open Beta.

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