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Angels Online launches Primordial Paradise

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The latest expansion has arrived in Angels Online; called Primordial Paradise, it introduces a new jungle with dangerous new high level content.

The expansion features 7 new maps, complete with dozens of new quests. Also introduced are the Achievement and Title system, which can be used to improve character abilities. New equipment, including ice, fire, feather, and shell themed armor, has also been introduced.

Angels Online is published by IGG which also publishes Dreamland Online, Wonderland Online, and GodsWar Online.

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Angels Online: The Discovery of a Lifetime!

If your dentist has ordered you to avoid the sweet temptations of Candy Land and the structural marvels of Building Block City have lost their allure, then come check out the ancient jungle ruins in the new Primordeal Paradise expansion! The latest expansion for Angels Online promises new surprises and unexpected action as Angels make their way through native villages, thick jungles and ancient ruins to battle scores of new, frightening monsters!

Few of the explorers that have ventured deep into the unexplored regions of the Primordeal Paradise have lived to tell the tale of a growing, unimaginable evil lurking there. As you take your first steps into this tangled tale of jungle adventure, the new quests available will send you deeper and deeper into the dangers of the Primordeal Paradise!

Explorers have often wondered what lies beyond the forested outskirts of Eden, but none has yet dared to venture past the natural barricade of thick jungle growth that is infested with all sorts of poisonous serpents and murky rivers.

Beyond this natural barrier, an unknown race of natives lives side by side with hordes of dangerous and powerful creatures. This hidden habitat has been almost literally walled off from the outside world for centuries, making it the perfect place for spooky religious rites and cultures to thrive. Here in the wild lands, raw strength is always the determining factor for warriors, and the constant struggle these natives have endured over time had made them a tough breed.

The tough environment has made the natives strong believers in the law of the jungle (no  pun intended) where only the strongest and most fit survive. This belief has conditioned the natives into believing that they are powerless against their surroundings and that the only thing they can do is fight harder for survival. Losing out in their struggle with the encroaching jungle, they turned to the Evil Lyceum, trading their natural religion for the corrupting powers of darkness. Soon, the dark strength of the Evil Lyceum overpowered their sanity and unleashed their inner savagery and craving for power. Driven by rage, they have claimed supremacy over larger and larger areas, and have amassed an army by harnessing the power of the wild beasts they once feared. With the darkness whispering commands to them, they have decided that the Angel Lyceum is their enemy and are preparing an attack on the 4 main cities.

With tensions growing quickly, the Angel Lyceum couldn’t risk an all-out invasion and the accompanying bloodbath. Faced with no good choice, Michael ordered the Angelic forces to deploy some of their finest agents in a covert mission to infiltrate the Primordeal Paradise and hopefully put an end to the impending disaster before it began.


Return to the past, long before man conquered nature, and down into the vast wild jungles, untouched by time and space. Populated by natives, some of which have not yet discovered any advanced building techniques, these noble savages live in simple stone houses or even simpler huts made from the bones of dinosaurs and draped in skins and cloth. The new quests will send you diving into the cultural practices and ancient rituals of this hidden paradise, where you will (hopefully) fulfill your destiny and prevent the conflict and slaughter the Evil Lyceum is hoping for, while also protecting the savage natives from the influences of evil.

With 7 new huge maps to explore, there is a lot to look forward to in the new quests, but there is no shortage of new systems to try out as well! When the explorers returned from the native villages, they brought back the seeds of an idea that would blossom into the new Achievement and Title system. This new system allows players to earn achievements and titles they can use to enhance their characters abilities. However, when it comes to improving abilities, there is no shortage of new items that can be utilized to have a dramatic effect on characters. Don the ultimate combination of ice, fire, feather and shell plated armor and do battle with ferocious dinosaurs and fearsome native warriors!

The Primordeal Paradise expansion is here and is available to explore right now! If you have been looking for the right blend of adventure and the unknown, then this is what you’ve been waiting for. Upgrade your old version of Angels Online with the latest Primordeal Paradise Expansion Patch and experience this captivating new world for yourself!

If you’re feeling apprehensive about jumping into the dangerously fun world of Primordeal Paradise, then check out the new expansion website for an overview of what you can expect from this forgotten world! Don’t wait! Party up with your friends and explore the newly discovered world of Primordeal Paradise now!

Check out the official site at to stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in Angels Online. Visit to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games.

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