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AMZGame Announces New Browser Game Lords Road

AMZGame is excited to announce Lords Road has been added to their platform. Players are invited to sign up for the open beta phase which will begin June 3 at 10:00 EDT. For more information about Lords Road players can visit the official website.
Lords Road Storyline:
Legends are told that after every evil, an angel will be with you, never to leave you in darkness. One day, the Dark Lord releases an evil sword and brings darkness to a peaceful land. Farmers cannot farm, fishers cannot fish, and the world falls into hopeless chaos.
But every coin has two sides. Evil may exist, but there will be justice. Two legendary heroes, a warrior and a mage, come to fight against evil to bring peace to the world with the angel.
About Lords Road
Lords Road is a 2.5D MMORPG game with a dreamy background that makes you enjoy the game. Fluent actions and cool skills give players great visuals to enjoy, and players can use different skill combos to defeat the monsters in dungeons. One wonderful part is that the angel will fight with you in the dungeon, finishing the battle with her powerful skills. The other wonderful part is the mount evolution system. Instead of buying new mounts, players may train to change their battle rate and appearance, from bear to dragon.
Compete with other players and enjoy saving the world together. AMZGame offers customer support, community management, and event design to make all players have a better game experience.

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