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Altis Gates updates open beta status

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A while back, Altis Gates announced it was delaying its open beta indefinitely. A new post has revealed what’s going on under the hood, although there is still no official date for the start of open beta.

Here’s what’s being worked on:

Pet System

· Pets captured will now be in the form of an egg.

· Each egg must be hatched at the designated NPC.

· Pets of different personality and attributes will take different amount of time to hatch.

· Besides the basic attributes, players will have the ability to add other attributes to unhatched pets.

Weather System

· Maps will now display effects of day and night as well as other weather elements.

· Suggested weather elements so far are cloudy, sunny, rainy, windy, misty and snowy.

Skill System

· Skills will not be levelled according to character’s level.

· Instead, they will be affected by their frequency of usage.

Buddy System

· A new gauge for how close players are with each other.

· The value will affect how the players can interact with each other, e.g. marriage.


· New quests targeted at a party of 2 with players of different genders.

· New elemental quests targeting high level players (level 80)

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