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Altis Gates Open Beta Begins March 7

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Altis Gates, a new 2D turn based MMORPG by IGG, will be entering Open Beta on March 7. The game looks like an improved version of IGG’s other turn based MMORPG – Myth War 2 Online. The game has 3 races, mounts, a PvP system and much more.


Altis Gates will officially open its doors for their Open Beta on March 7th EST (GMT-5)! Expect exciting new content and loads of amazing gifts when this happens!

Since its debut, Altis Gates has enchanted players with lush in-game environments and spectacular skill effects. During the coming Open Beta, the new content will be focused primarily in 4 areas – the 3 main Races, Mounts, Wings and the PvP System. Each race will get their very own special mounts and wings that will make them standout from the others!

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