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Alphamon Ouryuken Arrives For Digimon Masters

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Joymax has introduced one of the most powerful Digimon into Digimon Masters Online’s universe.

Players can combine Alphamon and Ouryumon through the Jogress system. Once they’ve completed a long quest chain, players will be able to Digivolve into Alphamon Ouryuken – but the climb isn’t easy.

Alphamon Ouryuken’s skills are light-element based, and include two special skills. One skill creates a large ball of light energy to slam into the enemy; the other slashes its sword with an earth-shattering impact!

Players who bring a friend to Digimon Masters during the current event period will get a full set of items to tame their own Alphamon Ouryuken. Events also taking place include a double experience boost during weekdays and a triple experience boost on the weekends.

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