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Allods Online Open Beta announced

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The highly anticipated Allods Online has announced its open beta phase.

Open beta will begin on February 16th, next Tuesday, and will not require a beta key. During open beta, all content up to level 40 will be available to play and test.

As an extra note, all closed beta characters will be deleted for Open Beta, but Open Beta characters will NOT be deleted before the game goes live.


Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors, tell your dog, Allods Online is going Open Beta! The Allods Online team is pleased to announce that the Open Beta will officially go live on February 16th, 2010! All players will be able to access the game (no beta key needed) and all current content through level 40 will be available for play!

Please note that all CBT characters will be deleted prior to Open Beta. Characters created in Open Beta will NOT be deleted.

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