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Allods offers new rewarding daily quests

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Allods Online has been a subject of much controversy regarding its cash shop, and it looks like Gala-Net (gPotato) has listened and tried again to appease players.

Allods Online players will now have access to two new daily quests. One of these quests grants 5 Holy Charms; the other grants 1 Scroll of Knowledge and 1 Incense. Players will also receive a gift of Incense and Holy Charms the first time they log in for the next four weeks to compensate. The hope is that the game will be more “free-to-play” than before, giving players a chance to obtain these item shop items and continue their gameplay.

Gala-Net also publishes AIKA Online, Fly For Fun (Flyff) and Rappelz.

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Allods is Now More Free-to-Play Than Ever!

Monday, October 25 2010 – 4:01 PM
by Nephy

We’re pleased to announce that on October 27th, some highly desirable Item Shop items will be available from daily quests!

This includes:

• A daily quest that provides 1 Scroll of Knowledge and 1 Incense that blesses a player for 24 hours!

• A daily quest that provides 5 Holy Charms!

On October 27th we’re also sending all players tons of Incense and Holy Charms the first time they log in within the next 4 weeks!

Allods Online has never been better, and it’s never been more free-to-play! The full patch notes can be viewed here. Enjoy!

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