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Alliance of Valiant Arms releases new map and weapons

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A.V.A. (Alliance of Valiant Arms) has launched its latest update, with new content for players to enjoy as they celebrate summer.

A new map, “Burning Temple,” invites players to visit Northern Italy to gain control of an air defense radar system. New weapons added include the M4Spectre and Python 357; new items include the red smoke grenade, Sergeant Beret, Lieutenant Beret, and Face Guard. Players can also earn one-day trial items by playing 120 minutes a day and redeeming time for prizes.

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The Original Press Release:, Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) Burns Up the Competition with New Map, Weapons

IRVINE, Calif. – July 15, 2010 – Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) is bringing the heat with the addition of some hot new summer content to the lightning-fast Unreal Engine 3-powered multi-player online first-person shooter (MOFPS). With the latest update to A.V.A, is deploying an exciting new map and an arsenal of brand new weapons and items to the online shooter.

The newest map, “Burning Temple,” tasks players with infiltrating an enemy-infested city in northern Italy in search of a powerful air defense radar system that is capable of intercepting every plane that flies over the Alps. Players must fight their way through a fierce enemy defense in order to gain control of the skies. With access to new weapons, including the M4Spectre and Python 357, failure is not an option. Other new item additions include the red smoke grenade, and items that boost their character’s performance, including the Sergeant Beret, Lieutenant Beret, and Face Guard.

Gamers flock to A.V.A for heated, intense shooter action and as the summer continues to heat up we continue to roll-out hot new content,” said Calvin Yang, vice president of marketing, NHN USA, which hosts “We strive to provide a fresh new experience each time players log on to play A.V.A and this new map provides unique new terrain to challenge them.”

In addition to the latest expansion to the A.V.A universe, is treating fans to the Hot Summer Event, where players can access free one-day trials of the items available for purchase in the game. For more info on the Hot Summer Event, players can head to

In A.V.A, modern warfare hits combat zones around the globe where a formidable battle has broken out between the EU and the NRF.  Players are tasked with picking a side and squaring off in an unprecedented battle amongst skyscrapers and deserted city blocks.  With the signature quick-fragging action of the Unreal Engine 3, combat escalates quickly and tensions run high as players anticipate a bloody clash around every corner.  Europe has yet to see more ominous missions or relentless enemies as seen on the streets of Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Are you ready to join the cause? To enlist in the clash between the EU and the NRF visit To check out the iPhone app, visit the iTunes App Store and search “ijji AVA.”

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