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Alganon adds PvP

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Alganon, which made the transition to a free-to-play game months ago, has now announced that PvP will be added to the game starting this week. A three phase release, open world PvP and dueling are being released this week. Later this year, towers and keeps (world goal-based PvP) will be added, and next year, Battlegrounds will be introduced.

Open World PvP will let players flag themselves for PvP and fight to the death with others who do the same, while dueling will offer a non-lethal battle for players. When towers and keeps are introduced, there will be six faction specific keeps (three on each faction) which may be battled for and controlled. If a faction’s opposed keeps are all controlled, they may make a march on the city and attempt to defeat the king.

Alganon is published by Quest Online, and is their only current game.

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Phoenix, AZ – November 10, 2010 – Quest Online, LLC, today announced that PvP has come to Alganon, its Free To Play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game.“Since taking the reigns at QOL, PvP has been one of the most requested and anticipated features for Alganon.” said Derek Smart, President of Quest Online, LLC. “However due to the original design of the game, coupled with a host of other tasks in the 2010 roadmap that we were working on, we had to put PvP on the back burner. In fact, the PvP feature in Alganon is so huge, that we found it impractical to implement it all at once. For that reason, it was planned as a three phase release, of which Phase 1 (Dueling & Open World PvP) rolls out this week with Phase II (Towers & Keep) scheduled to be released before the end of the year; followed by Phase III (Battlegrounds) in 2011.”

For additional information about this exciting feature, please read our latest newsletter which circulated earlier today at

In celebration of this milestone event and the future of Alganon in 2011 and beyond, we have also initiated a substantial print and online marketing campaign for Alganon in order to continue building the community and bringing new gamers to this unique and fun game. In the coming months, look for the special Alganon free item codes in upcoming print issues of PC Gamer (first issue is out on Dec 7th) and elsewhere.

Alganon, has undergone a major and positive transformation since new leadership forged a robust plan and path this past March; and we remain committed to its future. Among other plans that we have in place and which will bring new and exciting things to Alganon and indeed QOL, in the coming months we also expect to complete our localization efforts so that we can bring Alganon to various worldwide territories along with additional payment schemes through our upcoming UltimatePay integration.

Alganon is now Free To Play. You can join us right now by signing up at

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