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Albion Online Introduces Hellgate Revamp

Sandbox Interactive has announced that Albion Online‘s PvP feature, Hellgates, is getting a major revamp.

Adventurers can enter Hellgates after taking down demonic forces in the open world and following through in the portal they leave behind. Here players will not only find dangerous demons, but the threat of other players who are there for to vie for rewards.

Changes include:

  • A redesign of map playout and mob interactions to improve PvP experiences without being hampered by PvE fights.
  • Improved mob placement to prevent stand-offs and encourage PvP skirmishes.
  • New dynamic spawn points to give teams an equal chance and offer more dynamic gameplay.
  • Hellgates now spawn in three types; 2v2 in green zones, 5v5 in yellow zones, as well as 5v5 in red & black zones, with the risk – and reward – increasing from zone to zone.
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