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Albion Online Cador Update Released

Albion Online Cador Update Released

Sandbox Interactive, the developer of the anticipated medieval sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, today announced that their latest update ‘Cador’ is live. The update brings new PvE content, including Heretics-themed dungeons and bosses, as well as reworked armor and spell systems, improved mob visibility, user interface improvements, numerous bug fixes and more.For more information about the ‘Cador’ update, visit:

The PvE content additions in the ‘Cador’ update revolve around the Heretics faction. New gateway dungeons and ruthless bosses are challenging solo players and small groups on their dungeoneering endeavours. Offering a strategic element for both PvP and PvE combat, the new death mechanic introduces a knock down phase, with hit points slowly regenerating until recovery, unless the enemy kills the character before the full resurrection.

Furthermore, players’ adventures become more tactically interesting with the introduction of the new armor categorization (light for ‘cloth’, medium for ‘leather’ and heavy for ‘plate’) suited for different playstyles, 20+ new spells and a portable gear repair kit allowing for longer mob grinding trips. In addition a new fame bonus mechanic balances risk and reward: venturing into the dangerous PvP zones will grant fame bonuses.

Lastly, the ‘Cador’ update introduces UI scaling to fit more information on the screen and a silhouette system, offering better character and mob visibility even with obstacles covering them.

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