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Aion Upheaval Expansion Coming in Late Spring

The North American Aion® development team is excited to announce Aion: Upheaval, the latest Truly Free™ expansion in Aion’s five-year history. Players will enjoy a lush, vibrant game environment, intense PVP combat, and the ongoing story of a world locked in combat.

As Aion: Upheaval unfolds, the Dragon Lord Beritra has continued to amass great power, and his assaults on Atreia have become more relentless and violent. No longer content to operate in the shadows, Beritra has enacted large-scale invasions into the rest of Atreia from his hidden stronghold in Balaurea. But there is more to his strategy than just widespread destruction, as he searches for the ancient seals to unleash a power so great it threatens the lives of every being in Atreia. And as his armies continue their advance, the landscape of Atreia will be forever changed!

As the dramatic storyline of Aion continues to unfold, the expansion will also bring with it new zones, new questlines, and new gear. Players will once again find themselves challenged to improve their characters and their playstyles as they strive to locate the Dragon Lord and bring the battle to him on their terms.

Aion: Upheaval will be released later this Spring. For more information about Aion and the upcoming expansion visit

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