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AIKA Online Massive Update – Zereca’s Plot: Land of Wailing

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AIKA Online

Redbana refreshes the experience of playing AIKA Online this August with the upcoming patch update: Zereca’s Plot: Land of Wailing. With this patch, players have brand new content and features to explore and enjoy.

Level Cap Raised to Level 90
All players had to make do with the level 85 level ceiling-that is, once they’ve struggled through training their characters to reach that point. Zereca’s Plot: Land of Wailing increases both possibilities and game difficulty by increasing the max level of all characters to level 90, and adding a few key features that will change the gameplay as veterans know it:

New Skills
Each job class gets a new skill waiting to be unlocked at level 85.

AIKA Online

New Level 90 Equipment
Each job class can get new equipment sets to augment their characters’ strengths. With the new Unique Disassembly System, players can acquire the materials for the Heaven Set by disassembling level 80 unique equipment.

Pran Changes
Just like the players’ characters, Prans have notable changes in this update too. With Pran Skill Improvements better viewed once the update goes live, and the Property Change feature allows for wider customization choices.

New Field Map, New Dungeon
The titular Land of Wailing map is added to the game, filled with monsters ranging from level 90 to 95. With it comes a new HELL MODE dungeon. In Kynari Aviary HELL MODE, players level 85 and up can enter this daily dungeon to challenge the powerful boss: Seridunn. If players experience difficulty in this map, they can receive a special buff through the Air Garden Totem for assistance.

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