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Age of Wushu: Global Championships Tournament

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On March 29, the global finals of Wulin Competition for ‘Age of Wushu’ were kicked off at the Snail Games art center in Shanghai China. The one million (RMB) cash prize created a cash record for online competitive games single prize money. The competition attracted more than a hundred contestants from around the world including: the United States, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and many other countries.

All the contestants gathered in Shanghai to compete for the Global championship of the Wulin Competition. Jet Li visited the competition scene and introduced the world to the high level of competition between players in the game Age of Wushu and showed the world the amazing talents of the players that participated in the tournament.

Before the competition, throngs of enthusiastic players descended on the venue, and hundreds of players in ancient costumes witnessed the first day event of the global finals of the Wulin Competition. The Finals were made up of qualifying tournaments from around the China and the last eight trials were held on Worldwide servers for the remaining players. Finally, after heart stopping, amazing play in the early rounds. The following players: ZhouRunfa, MoJili, QinGui, YanShuangying, MoRonghan, XuanyuanDingtian, LanLing and ShangRen (Game ID) Those 8 players won and are now in contention for the last eight spots. These players are excited to compete for the one million cash prize (RMB) and one player whose skills surpass the others will be known as the global spokesperson for ‘Age of Wushu’, and get to meet and talk about the Age of Wushu with the international martial arts superstar Jet Li’s during the award ceremony.

The Wulin Competition of ‘Age of Wushu’ is an online martial arts competitive game across 2012 and 2013 sponsored by Snail Game. The Wulin Competition take the form of online tournament and supplemented by the one million cash prize (RMB) which created a new record for online competitive games.’  The large prize money for a game competition has been widely reported in the media and millions of players participated from around the world. Also anyone who loves martial arts had a chance to be a part of the competition environment.

After the morning game trials, The afternoon, competition began with the mainland area qualification matches, players selected through the huashan mountain district winners and fought the remaining last 8 competitors of the online contestants. Also during the afternoon competition, the 8 winners from cities and the 8 offline champion fought to determine whom would be advancing. Once the completion ended the 16 mainland players will be a part of the 32 in the global finals with the 16 overseas players.

The 32 competitors were divided into four groups and competed in a round robin tournament. The top players qualified to compete in the finals on March 30.Eventually,  ZhouRunfa, MoJili, QinGui, YanShuangying, MoRonghan, XuanyuanDingtian, LanLing and ShangRen (Game ID) These top players made it to the final rounds.

Different from the traditional E-sports games, all the players and staff were dressed in costumes to complete the theme of the event. Team costumes were everywhere and the quality of the costumes with hundreds of people participating in the event. The North American players were dressed with yellow robes. The champion QinGui appears just like a champion should. Also of note, there were disciples in Shaolin dressed in cassock (traditional Wear) and all the judges costumes were likenesses of constables in Age Of Wushu.

“The Overseas players held their own and did remarkably well.”

The Chinese players have a better understanding of the game. All the US players failed to advance to the final 8. But all the participants showed their tremendous skill at the game and their love of Martial Art. The World Wide competitors showed their working knowledge of the fighting systems and their ability to put up a fight. All the competitors think that Age of Wushu provides countless possibilities when fighting in a competition by using the multitude of moves and styles that Age of Wushu delivers.

Martial arts master Jet Li made an appearance and awarded the honorary title and prize money to the champion. Jet Li also spoke with the champion and gave him his thoughts on the competition. Jet Li’s slogan for the game “This is your Jianghu” spoke to countless fans who dream of playing a martial arts game.

With the record amount prize money and the fierce competition, all the players from around the world did their best . Everyone had a great time and enjoyed being a part of the festivities. The crowd was remarkable and cheered on their favorite teams to victory.

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