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Age of Wushu Expansion Trailer Revealed: Become Legends

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Age of Wushu

Information from E3 is coming in at full force for the new Age of Wushu expansion, Legends of Mount Hua, including a brand new trailer. Check out the video and more expansion details below:

Mount Hua Competition

The top players on each server fight amongst each other for special titles, costumes, and the famed Heavenly Sword. Let the world of Jianghu know of your name and have them tremble at your might.

Yanmen Pass

A new instance takes players all over China through 5 different story lines, each with significantly different gameplay. Includes the Wulin Line, Village Line, Defender Line, and 2 other unannounced.

Sixteen Prefectures Battle Arena

Experience huge 80+ player battles in this new Battle Arena. With multiple ways to gain victory, different tasks to accomplish for each player, and various difficulties, use your own power to make a difference.

Ultimate Scroll Skills

Add new and deadly skills to your arsenal. Available only from each school’s instance, these skills are guarded by powerful bosses, but defeat them and your domination of Jianghu will be that much closer.


Marriage in Age of Wushu is a grand occasion that is celebrated by lavish parties, parades, and fanfare. It’s more than just a simple bonding between characters though, as players can receive new skills, titles, mounts, and more.

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