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A.V.A. Launches New Maps and More

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Aeria Games has announced the launch of several new content updates and languages for its FPS, Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.).

The expanding community of A.V.A. has resulted in the launch of three new languages – German, French, and Spanish. Language can be chosen before launching the game, but does not affect other player settings and will place all players on the same server.

Five new maps also have arrived with the content updates. Two highlighted maps include the E-Space escape map, where players battle against NRF marines, and the Radar Demolition map. Also new is Marek, a new character, the new AK200 rifle, and new capsule guns and other gear in the item mall.

A.V. A. New E-Space Escape Map

A.V.A. New Demolition Map (Radar)

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