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A Lucky Friday the 13th in DarkEden

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DarkEden is hosting a special event this weekend to coincide with the “unlucky” Friday the 13th.

From January 13 to January 15, players will get a Stone of Confusion for each day they log in. These stones offer a buff that grants players a 13x experience boost for one hour, granting a total of three hours for players who log in all three days. The game’s Bible Wars promotion is reaching its next milestone, 5,000 players participating; this milestone unlocks an Apple iPad giveaway plus 72 hours of double experience for all participants.

DarkEden is published by Ignited Games, which also publishes Wind Slayer 2 and Rosh Online.

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Ignited Games is bringing its fans good luck this Friday the 13th with a special event for DarkEden, the first massively multiplayer online vampire role-playing game (MMOVRPG). Each day players log into the game from Friday, Jan. 13 to Sunday, Jan. 15, they will receive a Stone of Confusion, which – when activated – provides a lucky buff that gives characters 13 times the experience points for their in-game actions for one hour. Fortunate DarkEden fans can accumulate one stone each day during the event for a total of up to three stones.

In addition, Ignited Games is nearing the finish line for its DarkEden Bible Wars promotion, which kicked off when the game officially launched last month. With more than 3,500 brave warriors already participating in the Bible War events, the total is rapidly approaching the 5,000 player milestone, which will unlock an Apple iPad giveaway for one lucky player, and a 72-hour double experience point buff for all Bible War participants.

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