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4 MapleStory M Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

MapleStory M Mercedes Tips

MapleStory M successfully launched globally across 140 countries in 9 languages on July 24, 2018. Embracing the nostalgia of the MapleStory brand, MapleStory M transitioned into the mobile platform in a very “smartphone-friendly” way allowing Maplers to enjoy Maple World without any special limitations. Two weeks into launch, MapleStory M reached 5M global downloads, and 10M within 100 days.

Launching with the 5 playable members of Explorer class, the MapleStory M team has introduced new characters including the Cygnus Knights, Aran Evan, new Explorers, and the newly updated Mercedes today. Mercedes, the ruler of the elves, has been a favorite among many Maplers for a long time and we are excited to introduce her with this update.

Let’s dive deep into the brand new Mercedes class and the highly anticipated Evolution Dungeon!

What are the ultimate tips for Mercedes?

  • Mercedes Class Strengths: An Archer type class who uses Dual Bowguns as a primary weapon, her strengths lie in her stylish elf-like combo skills and high mobility. Mercedes uses flashy and powerful skills that are as mesmerizing as her looks becoming stronger as each combo stacks up.
  • Link Combo Skills: Starting on Mercedes’ 2nd job, her link combo skills (active) become available. If the combo is successful while using the 3rd buff Ignis Roar, the buff can stack up to 5 times.

Getting the most from Evolution Dungeon!

  • Use Cores at Max Level: The goal of the Evolution Dungeon, which uses Cores and Mesos, is to allow large amounts of EXP gain by maximizing EXP efficiency. Thus, it is most efficient to use all Cores at maximum level.
  • Collect Cores with Free Daily Tickets: When first starting at level 100, there are no Cores – it is more effective to use 2 of the 3 free daily tickets to collect Cores and use the remaining ticket to utilize the collected Cores. If players have enough Mesos, it is best to use each Core type.

Since Boss Monster Cores give large amounts of EXP, it is beneficial to utilize them even if you have to use Mesos to do so. However, it is possible that clearing the dungeon will be difficult if the level of the Boss Monster is too high as a lower leveled character.

To learn more about the new MapleStory M update, visit the Google Play or App Store page and follow @PlayMapleM on Twitter for the latest updates.

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