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37Games Announces Blades & Rings

37Games Announces Blades & Rings

37Games has announced the newest addition to its list of games, Blades & Rings.

Blades & Rings will be the first hybrid idle/action RPG mobile game. Its closed beta will begin on December 1 for Android, with an official launch on Google Play and the Apple App Store on December 5.

Players can enjoy the strategy of an RPG while leaving the endless grind to the Auto-Combat System. There is also an Offline Mode, so you can sleep while the game grinds itself! In the morning, you’ll be past the filler levels and ready to continue your adventure!

The story will involve eternal rings that have been divided up among the three races of Humans, Dwarfs, and Elves and are now in jeopardy of being corrupted by darkness. It will be up to a courageous hero to combat the forces of evil and restore balance to the realms.

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