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12Sky 2 Classic Set to Begin Open Beta Testing

Redfox Games and SG Data are teaming up to bring players the open beta testing of 12Sky 2 Classic! This is the official North American server, previously closed beta tested in March!

This newest version of 12Sky 2 Classic brings the return of the three iconic factions, Noble Dragon, Royal Serpent, and Grand Tiger, along with a compression of unwanted features to produce a more streamlined gaming experience. PvP has received a hefty helping of balances to be in the best shape its ever been. Items also drop more frequently and are easier to upgrade to take some of the headache out of farming gear in the game!

The servers will open on May 11, 2016 at 16:00, Pacific time. Players can sign up at RedFox Games official website today!

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  • Matthew Kevin Nance

    can’t really sign up when there sending verification email is a failure