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Wakfu Raiders Homepage Giveaway

Wakfu Raiders Launch Pack Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with Gumi and Ankama to bring you a special launch pack for the newest extension of the Wakfu universe, Wakfu Raiders!

Now take Wakfu on the go in Wakfu Raiders, a mobile RPG featuring a massive cast of all the characters you’ve come to recognize in the Wakfu universe. Battle and explore the world in a whole new way as players investigate the anomalies appearing all over the regions of The Twelve. Collect a cast of 30+ characters and take to the arena to test your might against fellow Wakfuers.

The Launch Pack Includes:

The Parched: An event-exclusive sword that adds 134 to Attack and 5% chance to cripple targets slightly for 2 turns.

Strife: An event-exclusive shield that adds to HP by 725, DEF by 102, and injury resistance by 2%.

Amulet of Resilience: An event-exclusive amulet that adds to HP by 200, increases REC by 67, and Resist Confusion by 3%.

Giveaway is no longer active.
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