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TERA 7th Anniversary Summer Fun Giveaway

We’ve partnered with En Masse Entertainment to celebrate TERA‘s 7th Anniversary with a fun giveaway. We’re giving away the Summer Fun Pack, which has a host of items for players. Please note this giveaway is exclusive to TERA on PC, in the North America region only.

TERA Summer Fun Pack Includes: 


  • Bravery Potion (x10)
  • Lamb Bulgogi (x10)
  • Goddess’s Blessing (x10)
  • Canephora Potion (x10)


  • Fizzy Water Gun (3 Days)
  • Rainbow Water Bomb (x20)
  • Water Bomb (x20)
  • Flying Skill: Swift Thrush (3 Days)
  • Starglow Costume Box (3-Day)
  • Starglow Weapon Skin Box (3-Day)

Redemption Instructions:

  1. Go to TERA’s Website and create a new En Masse account or log into an existing one.
  2. Click the “Redeem Code” button from the “Account Overview” page.
  3. Enter your code and hit “Submit”.
  4. Launch TERA and log in. If you haven’t installed TERA, do so from here.
  5. Claim your items form your in-game Item Claim.
Total keys: 10000 - Remaining keys: 9156

Claim a key by entering your MMOHuts forum username and password below. Don't have an account? Create an Account Here

Note: One key per person. To participate you must have an MMOHuts/OnRPG account.

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