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SMITE 2nd Anniversary Raffle and Giveaway!

Our promotional partnership with Hirez Studios continues this week as we celebrate 3rd person MOBA, SMITE‘s, 2nd birthday with both a raffle for SPL Season Ticket codes (good on Xbox, PS4, and PC!) and a giveaway event of Bellona Battle Maiden codes you can claim right here!

Two Ways to Win!
Hit up our forum event page and leave us your feedback of your favorite and least favorite part of Season 3 changes so far! We’ll raffle off our SPL codes to the entries at the end of the week, Friday March 25th!

If you’re here early, you may have already won! Sign into your account with us to claim your Battlemaiden Bellona skin below!

Want to have so much winning, you’ll get tired of it? Follow JamesBl0nde and Bottom Tier on Twitch.TV this week for a series of various skin and SPL code giveaways!

Of course just logging into SMITE this week has some serious benefits, such as 33% off gem purchases, 50% off the God Pack, double log-in bonus, and more!

Giveaway is no longer active.
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