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Maplestory M – Phantom Update Giveaway

We’ve partnered with Nexon Mobile to give away some codes to celebrate the Maplestory M “Phantom Update”.

This Code Includes: This giveaway has a variety of special gift boxes for players of all levels of MapleStory M – Unique Weapon Whetstone, Unique Armor Whetstone, Auto-Battle Charge Ticket, and much more.

Please Note: These codes are only for the Android release.

Redemption Instructions:

  • Download MapleStory M via this link.
  • Log in to MapleStory M and click on the “Options Menu”
  • Enter the code after clicking “Enter Coupon”
  • The items will appear in your MapleStory M account.
Total keys: 150 - Remaining keys: 4

Claim a key by entering your MMOHuts forum username and password below. Don't have an account? Create an Account Here

Note: One key per person. To participate you must have an MMOHuts/OnRPG account.

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