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KurtzPel Closed Beta Giveaway

We’ve partnered with KOG Games to offer you a chance to join February’s closed beta test for the highly anticipated KurtzPel!

In KurtzPel, classic action game dynamics are eminent when players outfit their characters with two separate trade/jobs, noted in the form of weapon paths (called Karma) that can be swapped out and utilized interchangeably during battle.

Players can enjoy various, comprehensive 2v2 PvP Modes; queued up by a smart, automated match-making system or players can embark upon a larger-than-life, raid style, quest-driven battle system against big, bad boss monsters.

This key gives beta access during the following schedule (more details here):

[North America Region]

Feb 20th 16:00 ~ Feb 24th 16:00 (Pacific / Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 18:00 ~ Feb 24th 18:00 (Central / Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 19:00 ~ Feb 24th 19:00 (Eastern / New York, Toronto, and Etc.)

[South America Region]

Feb 20th 21:00 ~ Feb 24th 21:00 (Chile, Argentina, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 22:00 ~ Feb 24th 22:00 (Brazil [São Paulo])

[Europe Region]

Feb 21st 00:00 ~ Feb 25th 00:00 (United Kingdom / Portugal)
Feb 21st 01:00 ~ Feb 25th 01:00 (Germany / Italy / Spain)
Feb 21st 03:00 ~ Feb 25th 03:00 (Russia [Moscow] / Turkey)

[ASIA/OC region]

Feb 21st 07:00 ~ Feb 25th 07:00 (Thailand / Vietnam / Indonesia / Malaysia)
Feb 21st 08:00 ~ Feb 25th 08:00 (China / Singapore / Philippines)
Feb 21st 09:00 ~ Feb 25th 09:00 (South Korea / Japan)
Feb 21st 11:00 ~ Feb 25th 11:00 (Australia)

To Redeem Your Key:

  • Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  • Click the Games Menu.
  • Choose Activate a Product on Steam…
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Note: Unfortunately ad blockers may interfere with our site. If you have any issues claiming a key, please disable them and try again.

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